Laporte at the 18th Pan American Games Lima 2019

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Laporte at the 18th Pan American Games Lima 2019

Laporte at the 18th Pan American Games Lima 2019!

The clay shooting competition of the XVIII Pan American Games has taken place with a lot of success in the new splendid shooting ground Polígono Las Palmas at the Parque del Aire in Surco, Lima from the 26.07 – 03.08. We can only congratulate the organizers of this event and all the medalists.

Laporte has had the pleasure of equipping the 4 new trap and skeet trenchs for this competition and has also provided the Flash clays for the Finals.

During the competition, Laporte team has accompanied the organizers, giving continue support for the perfect performance of this competition together with the technicians of Progetti and Sius. We are really proud of it!

The Laporte Flash clay targets glowed in the green background of the flawless grass and new tarpaulin of the Poligono Las Palmas in Surco!

We have really enjoyed being there, giving our assistance but also encouraging the athletes in each competition, which has gathered 250 athletes from 26 countries of the Pan American continent.

There would be a hundred anecdotes and many special moments about this competition. We enjoyed a lot the dancing with Milco, the mascot for the Pan American Games Lima 2019. We also enjoyed a lot the medal of the host country in the Skeet Men competition, although, naturally, no country was favorite for us, it was a very special moment for the Peruvian shooting Federation and for the public.

7 countries have obtained medals in the clay shooting competition: USA has been the dominating country with 9 medals of the 15 delivered and also Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Canada, Mexico and Brazil obtained a medal. Apart from that, six quota places have also been delivered during the clay shooting. See the complete results of the shooting competition following this link. Our warmest Congratulations to all the medalists!

Finally, we would like to congratulate the Organizing Committee of the 18th Pan American Games, the Shooting Confederation of the Americas and the Peruvian National Sport Shooting Federation for the excellent celebration of the competitions!