Laporte clay catalogue 2019

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Laporte clay catalogue 2019

Laporte clay catalogue 2019

We are delighted to launch our new catalogue of Laporte clay targets for the 2019 season.

Please click here to view or download it. If you are interested in a printed copy, please write to us.



In our Laporte clay catalogue 2019 you can find the technical details of our different product lines:

  • Laporte-competition
    • Developed by our engineers for shooters to use during their training in any discipline. After extensive trials and in-depth research, this clay meets all criteria for quality and reliability which makes Laporte Company world renowned. Laporte Company since 1927.
    • The Standard Competition model with the famous Stepped Edges, is a must use all over the World.
    • Laporte Ecobird Competition & Laporte Natural Competition models have our famous “Lead Catchers” Registered Design giving the shooter the advantage of impact breakability.
    • Technical details:
      • Angled Edge: Strengthens the most vulnerable point in a clay
      • Weather Grooves: Air vents between clays to prevent sticking in damp conditions.
      • Bevelled Edge: Uniquely angled to assist knife separator entry.
      • Chamfered Edge: This chamfer creates the perfect gap for knife separators.
      • Stepped Edge: To resist the shot, break the clay and improve scores.
      • Knurled Edge: Increases spin to improve directional control and distance.
    • Also, available on demand painted below


  • Laporte-grand-prix
    • The most innovative, well engineered and well-implemented concept.
    • Technical details:
      • Weather grooves:  To prevent clays from sticking in damp conditions.
      • Interior grooves: To increase breakability and improve scores.
      • Driving band with more ridges: For maximum rotation and excellent stability in flight. Reinforced structure allows the clay to be thrown at a distance of more than 100 m.
      • Dome Profile: For a more aerodynamic profile.
      • Chamfered Edge: To avoid adjustment of the clay separator on machines and reduce the number of no-birds.
      • Dimple Design: Studied by German engineers, the numerous square indentations are real lead “catchers”. Avoiding indentations are real lead “catchers”. Avoiding ricochet and considerably increasing the breakability of the clay.