Olympic Quality LAPORTE ®  The LAPORTE ® FLASH ® model has been specially designed by Jean-Michel LAPORTE to give a more telegenic rendering of Clay Shooting competitions. Approved by the ISSF, this model patented for the first time by LAPORTE ® Company is the only one to own in the concave part of its body, 3 grams of powder 100% ecological (available in different colors) retained by an exclusive biodegradable capsule and 27 welding points. When the target is hit, there is a brightly-colored, vivid cloud forming, ideal for the televised finals. The Flash Target also retains all the structural features of a target for high-level competitions and has been able to satisfy the most accomplished shooters at the Olympic Games. Usable in all disciplines and on all machines, the LAPORTE ® target Flash is a Must!
110 mm | 4.33 inches
150 Clays per box 55 Boxes per pallet 8 250 Clays per pallet
Orange with:
  • Orange powder
  • Green Powder
  • Pink Powder
105 gr | 3.70 oz
Olympic and Sporting  


Laporte makes pitch clays and eco-friendly clays to preserve the Earth. Our customer may choose Low PAH “ECO TARGET” or Zero PAH “NATURAL TARGET” Thus you can easily respect your country rules and protect our World. ISFF approved ECO LOW PAH Laporte Targets for Olympics


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Hydrocarbon resins are a nature low impact family of synthetic polymers made from petroleum based feedstocks.
  • HCR color is Brown
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Rosin, also called Colophony is a solid form of resin obtained from pines and some other plants, mostly conifers.
  • Rosin color is Light Earth
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Our paint and our powder are made of natural pigment to preserve environment.
  • Orange paint is include in the price
  • Orange Powder
  • Green Powder
  • Pin Powder
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