New World Records at the ISSF WC Acapulco 2019

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New World Records at the ISSF WC Acapulco 2019

New World Records at the ISSF World Cup Shotgun Acapulco 2019!


Acapulco I.S.S.F. World Cup and as well as fierce competition, the combination of LAPORTE Traps and Eco Clays produced some World Record breaking results!

The Acapulco shooting ground is equipped with Laporte Trap Machines. For the competition and training Laporte Eco Grand Prix clay pigeons have been used and the finals have been carried out with Laporte Natural Flash clay targets.  

Laporte Eco Grand Prix is the Eco-friendly clay, made of synthetic resin, with less than 10 PAK. This model has been specially designed for high-level competitions and has been able to satisfy the most accomplished shooters all over the World thanks to its unique design, result of years of research.

Laporte Natural Flash is also an Eco-friendly and Natural clay target, made of natural pine resin, with 0 PAK. The FLASH ® model has been specially designed and patented for the first time by Jean-Michel LAPORTE to give a more telegenic rendering of Clay Shooting competitions. Its principle has been approved by the I.S.S.F. It is the only one to own in the concave part of its body, 3 grams of 100% ecological powder.

The following World Records were equaled or broken at this World Cup!

  • Finland’s – Satu Mäkelä-Nummela set a New Qualification World Record shooting 123/125 in the Women’s Trap event.
  •  Australia’s – James Willett equalled the Men’s Trap Qualification World Record by hitting a perfect 125/125 clays.
  • 3 x teams set a New World Record in the Mixed Teams’ event with a score of 149/150 Turkey, Australia, and USA.
  • China’s – Heng Zhang and USA’s Samantha Simonton set a New World Record in Women’s Skeet qualifying with a score of 123/125. Samantha is a Junior so her new Junior World Record score of 123/125 beat the previous Junior World record by a whopping 5 targets!
  • Russia’s Junior Mixed Teams pair equaled the Junior Mixed Teams record with a 142/150.
  • USA’s Vincent Hancock put on a flawless display of shooting to not only equal the World Record in Men’s Skeet qualifying with a 125/125 but also shoot a perfect final with a 60/60 equaling the Final World Record also

A round of applause to all of these amazing athletes, as well as those that achieved new personal bests in Acapulco.

LAPORTE is a proud supplier of clays and traps to some of the biggest competitions in the World – including the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

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