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    A Sporting target invented by LAPORTE ® 

    The LAPORTE company multiplied innovations with, for example, the launch of Rabbit, a rolling target that simulates the trajectory of a hare in the hunting trails.
    This target has a special tougher rim to withstand the shock of being tossed outward on hard ground.As a result of this tougher rim, this can make them especially tough to break. The size of the Rabbit is the same as the Standard 110 mm.”

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    A Sporting target invented by LAPORTE ® 

    The Battue is a wafer-thin, flat target which can be presented as loopers, crossing or quartering targets.

    The Battue is faster through the air as a result of its design, but less aerodynamically stable, so as it slows it rolls into a vertical position and falls rapidly.”


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    Olympic Quality LAPORTE ®  The FLASH ® model has been specially designed and patented for the first time by Jean-Michel LAPORTE to give a more telegenic rendering of Clay Shooting competitions. Its principle has been approved by the ISSF. It is the only one to own in the concave part of its body, 3 grams of 100% ecological powder


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    Pro Quality LAPORTE ® 

    The LAPORTE ® GRAND PRIX ® model is approved by the ISSF.

    This model has been specially designed for high-level competitions and has been able to satisfy the most accomplished shooters all over the World thanks to its unique design, result of years of research.

    Usable in all disciplines and on all machines


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    With billions of targets sold on the 5 continents since 1927, LAPORTE ® has positioned itself as a true leader in the design and production of Clays. With a diameter of 110mm, the LAPORTE ® competition target is the culmination of long research for an ever more efficient and effective design: Its stepped edge allows to withstand the launches and to break easily with the shots of shotgun”